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When in Rome, dress like a Roman! When in Rome, do as the Romans do! Why? Because when in Rome, you feel like a Roman. The Roman architecture flourishes the city to this date from the Roman Empire and the Roman Republic times. Rome, the capital of Italy attracts many tourists because of the architecture, art, and culture that date back to almost 3000 years. No books would reveal the rich history that it has which is why booking a Rome city guide will give you an authentic experience as they would know every nook and corner of the city. It is a cosmopolitan city that displays its art in every corner of the street. The rich culture, the iconic & appealing architecture and the abundance of visible history that the place holds makes it not only a great tourist attraction but also a city of great value.


There are 2 major airports in the city. The Ciampino Airport is closer to the city and well connected and the Fiumicino Airport (Leonardo Da Vinci Airport) which is around 30 km from the city center.

The Gift of The Colosseum

The Colosseum is what is painted in our minds when we think of Rome. It holds significant value as it was Vespasian, the Roman Emperor’s gift to Rome which made it a powerful symbol. It is an amphitheater that was used for public spectacles back in the day. Gladiatorial contests, animal hunts, mock sea battles, famous battle re-enactments, execution and dramas were held inside it. The ticket price for an adult is 12 euros and you can visit any day between 08:00 am and 07:00 pm. Know more about it with a Mann Travel’s travel guide who will be happy to answer all your questions and also get you cheap flights to and from Rome.

Get Blessed in Vatican City

There is a very unique aspect of Rome. It encloses Vatican City which is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. Book with the best travel agency and get blessed in one of the holiest places on the planet. Vatican City is an independent city-state that is also an independent country in Europe. It is the smallest country in the world and is home to the pope and iconic architecture. Nested in Rome, the republican architecture was influenced by Greek architecture. Book a tour guide who’ll educate you on the place of significant religious importance.

“Gladiators…. I salute you!”

If you were in awe while watching the movie, Gladiator and imagined yourself holding a sword, feeling like you have reached your maximum strength like Maximus, then you can sign up for the Roman Gladiator School and learn how to become a Gladiator. Anyone aged 6 years and above can enroll in this 2 - hour Gladiator session which also includes weapon hire, clothing hire and entry into the Gladiator School of Rome Museum. Fly with the best air tickets to Rome.

Start planning your next visit to Rome at the Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is one of the most famous fountains in the world where you can find people throwing coins into it. But it is not one of those typical “make a wish” fountains. Legends say that if you throw a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder, then it ensures that you will return to the city of Rome in the future. Book your flights to Rome with Mann Travel and also get the best deals for flights.

Paint an experience with Michelangelo

A plethora of art sculptures, painted buildings, architectural wonders and statues can be found in the city of Rome, especially in Vatican City. The paintings on the Sistine Chapel Ceiling are known to be Michelangelo’s most renowned work. It is easily the sole reason why one would book flights to Rome. Get the best deals to Rome and give your eyes the gift of Michelangelo’s work. He was known to paint human figures so intricately with different modes and postures that it influences artists to this date. It took him 4 years (1508 – 1512) to complete the Sistine Chapel ceiling. The famous Creation of Adam still amazes the viewers when they look up at the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel.

Flight booking can be made easier with travel agencies. Book your Rome tour and add these must-visit places to your list - St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square, The Pantheon, The Spanish Steps, etc.

Roam like a Roman!

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