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Paris is a legendary travel destination and for good reason. There is no other city in the world that can match the beauty of Parisian sidewalk cafes, museums, and architecture. It is one of the most beautiful locations in all of Europe and the number one travel destination in France. The City of Light draws countless tourists every year and if you are one of them, here is everything you need to know about the beautiful city.


Charles de Gaulle Airport is the most important airport in France. It is the largest international airport in the country and is one of the busiest airports in all of Europe. Charles de Gaulle Airport is located in Roissy-en-France and is also called Roissy airport locally. The airport was built in 1974 and was named after the leader of the Free French Forces Charles de Gaulle. It also holds the distinction of offering direct cheap flights to most countries in the world and it also hosts more airlines than any other airport. Low-cost carriers, as well as premium flight partners, offer flights to and from Charles de Gaulle.

Places to Visit

If you are planning a trip to Paris, these are the top cities and attractions you must visit.

Experience the Grandeur of Eiffel Tower

This recommendation comes to no one’s surprise as the Eiffel Tower alone draws numerous visitors every single year. The symbolic tower was built by Gustave Eiffel who wanted to commemorate the French Revolution’s centenary. There are over 7 million visitors who come to experience the grandeur of the monument. If you are feeling adventurous you can climb all 1,665 steps to the top of the tower and check out the breathtaking view of Paris. It would be a sin to miss out on visiting the Eiffel Tower when you are in Paris and you should contact the best travel company near you to book cheap flights immediately.

Explore Notre Dame Cathedral’s Gothic Beauty

Notre-Dame de Paris is located in the eastern half of Ile de la Cité. It is one of the most iconic Gothic structures in the world. It took nearly 200 years to build with its construction initiating in 1163 and completing in 1345. The beautiful sculptures and gargoyles offer an old-world charm like no other.

Reminisce Great Conquests at The Arc of Triumph

Champs Elysées or the Arch of Triumph is one of the most iconic pieces of Roman architecture in France. The monument was built to commemorate the success of imperial armies. The Arc of Triumph is the largest structure of its kind in the world and houses the names of 558 imperial generals and their accomplishments. Right below the Arc, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of France is visible. The tomb commemorates the death of a single soldier who gave his life during the first World War. The name of the soldier and his origin are unknown to date.

Make A Splash at Disneyland

A trip to Paris is incomplete without visiting Disneyland. Located just 32 km from central Paris, you can take a suburban RER A to visit the amusement park. There are two theme parks at Disneyland Paris – Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and Walt Disney Studios. Some of the top attractions you should not miss out include It’s a Small World, Big Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain.


Here are the top festivals in Paris if you want to join in on the funs with locals and tourists alike.

Musical Fountains at The Palace of Versailles

If you want to experience a visual and aural treat like no other, you should head to Paris between April to October to experience the amazing musical shows at the Palace of Versailles. The event marks the onset of summer and the ornamental ponds and waterfalls come to life in a majestic show of colour and wonderful music. So grab your airtickets and head to Paris for a truly remarkable experience!

Autumn Festival

Autumn Festival is one of the most important cultural events in Paris. It brings together music, dance, theater, film, and visual arts. Some of the most influential artists and composers come together at the event to showcase their talent. The festival runs from September to December and it is open to everyone. You can talk to your travel company to get your trip arranged to coincide with the festival so you do not miss out on all the fun.

Techno Parade

France played an important part in the birth of techno music. French electronic music has influenced generations of artists and if you want to experience the genre in its truest form, you should head to the Techno Parade. The event first started in 1998 with the leadership of Jack Lang and it currently sees over 350,000 fans parade through the streets of Paris to celebrate electronic music. There is plenty more to discover when you are in Paris and you will not regret a single moment of your time in the City of Light. Contact your travel agency and book flights today!

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