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Guten Tag! Welcome to Deutschland!

Frankfurt, the fifth-largest city in Germany is known for its futuristic skyline, is one of the country’s best tourist destinations. It is one of the largest financial cities in the continent of Europe and the largest in Germany. Germany has many skyscrapers and the 10 tallest of them are in Frankfurt which gives the eye a visual delight. This vibrant city has a lot going on all year round; attend the spirited festivals or simply indulge in spirits at a local tavern or club. Book your air tickets with Mann Travels and give your taste buds a sweet treat with the decadent German Chocolate Cake.


Frankfurt holds 2 international airports. The Frankfurt am the Main airport, also known as Rhein-Main-Flughafen, is the major international airport located 13 km from the city center and spread over 5000 acres of land. It is the 8th busiest airport in the world with the international passenger traffic being over 5 crores annually. There is another international airport named Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, but it is further away from the city than the main airport.

As the name suggests, The Main Tower

The Main Tower is the only high – rise tower that is open for the public as a viewing platform. This tower touches skies at a whopping 240 – feet including the tip of the tower. One can take an elevator up to the height of 165 – feet to view the alluring Frankfurt Skyline. Get a panoramic view of the city while enjoying a glass of bubbly and some food at the Main Tower Restaurant & Lounge with 26 – feet windows. Observe the beautiful city view from the observation deck of the fourth tallest tower in Germany.

Bank of Knowledge at the Frankfurt Museum Embankment

The landscape of museums in Frankfurt, The Museumsufer is a cluster of 12 museums that covers the areas on both sides of the River Main. The abundance of knowledge that the area holds is highly significant with art museums, film museum, communications museum, architecture museum, etc. Give all the museums a visit, if you have the time but do make sure that you check off the historic art museum, Städel off your list; it houses a massive collection of 100,00 drawings, 600 sculptures, and 2,700 paintings. Book yourself and your family a tour guide to get the maximum knowledge and experience at the Frankfurt Museum Embankment.

Roam Römerberg Square!

One of the most iconic tourist squares in Germany, Römerberg Square is surrounded by administrative buildings, churches and medieval houses that are a terrific sight to look at. It is one of the most photogenic squares where you can see tourists capturing the beauty and the moment. You can see the Renaissance Fountain of Justice at the front of the square; this fountain dates back to 1543 which is among the few things that make things place iconic and a tourist must visit. Enjoy a lovely after roaming the square and ending your tour with Apfelwein (apple wine) and a good meal in the square while viewing the half-timbered houses, street music performances and more. Book your tickets with one of the best travel agencies, Mann Travel and get your flight tickets for an affordable price.


Unite with locals on German Unity Day

The German Unity Day, also known as Tag der Deutschen Einheit is a public holiday in the entire country. It is held on the 3rd of October and marks the anniversary of German’s unification when the Federal Republic and the Democratic Republic united in 1990. It is a festival that a tourist would enjoy as masses come together to celebrate their unification with German flags, fireworks and patriotism. Even as an outsider, the celebrations at such a large scale will make you feel included and give you information of a significant day in German history.

Chug at the Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest, all around the world, is known as the festival where everyone just drinks Beer. But it is much more than that. Oktoberfest is held in Munich, a German city known for its beautiful architecture, but Frankfurt has its own celebrations too. Did you know the Oktoberfest was traditionally a wedding celebration! Yes, it was started in 1810 on the wedding day of the Crown Prince of Bavaria and the Princess of Saxon – Hildburghausen where all the citizens were invited. The wedding was lavish and multiple day events where everyone came together, drank, feasted and celebrated which was the origin of the Oktoberfest we know today. Beer is consumed in large quantities on this day and it is a multiple-day event that ranges around 16 days. So, if you love beer, celebrations, and crowds, visit Germany at the end of September and the beginning of October for an extravagant party.

October really seems like a great time to visit German, doesn’t it! Compare flights to choose the best airline for you, today. Book your tickets with Mann Travels to get the best deals and cheap flight tickets.

Visit Deutschland to indulge in culture, beer and food.

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