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The bustling streets with neon signs, the 7-Elevens at every corner, the street markets, the temples, the delicious food, the fast cars driving past you, the night lights and the intriguing clubs are just a few of those things that make Bangkok place to visit. Book air tickets to Thailand’s capital that a beautiful mix of religious shrines and spirited street life. This exotic city displays strong cultural & traditional values and has one of the best nightlife scenes in the world. The city is known for its heat & humidity, so better pack your Bermuda shorts and airy dresses before you hop onto the flight. For an insider experience, book yourself a tour guide for the city of Bangkok and cover the most important destinations as well as the best places to gorge on scrumptious street food.


There are 2 international airports in the city of Bangkok which you can fly into; the Suvarnabhumi International Airport and the Don Muang International Airport. The Suvarnabhumi airport is that it has a plethora of amenities such as a hair salon, spas, play area, Monk’s reception room, etc. The whopping distance of 47.5 km between these two airports can be covered by getting the free shuttle service that is provided to make your journey a pleasant one.

A Market that Floats?

A floating market seems like something you must have only seen in exotic tourism ads or in fancy travel magazines. By booking tickets with a travel agency like Mann Travel, you can experience the epitome of shopping & eating experience. The DamnoenSaduak Floating Market is one of the top attractions in Bangkok. You can walk on the wooden lanes and dozens of shops and food vendors will on wooden rowboats float by you. From the touristy souvenirs, the freshest fruits to the longest noodles, you can get them all at Bangkok’s most famous tourist spot.

Attain Peace & Serenity at Wat Pho

The Wat Pho is also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. With a long reclining statue of Lord Buddha, this is one of the most famous temples among tourists. The statue is a tremendous 150 feet in length. The Wat Pho is spread over 80,000 square meters where you can find murals, inscriptions, sculptures, and Buddha statues. Get your flight booking done with Mann Travel and be awestruck at the reclining Buddha looking at which will awaken the calm inside you.

Escalate your Senses with Thai Massage

Thai massage is traditionally known as Nuad Bo-Rarnand and is famous all over the world. Visiting any place in Thailand and not getting a Thai massage would be a waste of the opportunity. For the most authentic Thai massage experience, one should get in done in Thailand. Thai massage boutiques and centers are plenty in the city of Bangkok for tourists. Check out Bangkok city travel guides for the best Thai massage places. This massage is so famous as it is a deep tissue massage that follows the Sen lines, i.e., the energy lines of the body which stimulates the internal organs, leaving you rejuvenated from within.

Take a cab to Khao San Road for a blast!

Bangkok’s nightlife scenes are heard all over the world. Some people visit Bangkok for the sole purpose of hitting the clubs and partying it off. Khao San Road is one of the most popular party streets in Bangkok. This street has a plethora of bars to quench your thirst, restaurants to curb your hunger and party music to thump your heart.

Shop around the world in Bangkok!

If you get ready in the blink of an eye when someone calls you for shopping! If you love spending time at shopping centers, Sukhumvit is the place to visit. There are many retail stores that cater to low, mid as well as high-end shoppers. The Terminal 21 shopping center is the place to be for a shopping lover. Different areas of the center are themed after different destinations of the world, like Japan, Istanbul, London, etc. It really gives you a taste of the world.

Festival for the Tourist - 

Cool off at the Water Festival – Songkran

Songkran is a 3-day long festival, from 13th April to 15th April, celebrated during the Thai New Year. Thailand is known to extend the celebrations over a week where mass celebrations are held, and people have water fights. The water fights symbolize the sprinkling of water for purification in the Buddhist tradition. This festival has people coming together and enjoying the festivities by dancing, splashing water on each other, drinking and, of course, music. The entire country is cheerful, and people are ecstatic for the water fights. Many businesses also shut down on this day. There are many dance & water parties organized on a large scale in Bangkok which is a tourist attraction. Book your tickets for the month of April and cool off with festivities in Bangkok’s heat.

The Boon Bang Fai (Rocket festival), Lantern Festival (Yi Peng) and the Ghost Festival (Phi Ta Khon) are some other festivals that would catch your eye.

Get in touch with one of the best travel companies, Mann Travel and get cheap flight tickets booked to the exuberant city of Bangkok to give your taste buds a treat with pad Thai noodles, Thai curry, pork skewers, barbecue fish, wontons and many more delectable dishes.

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