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Packing Hacks for an Effortless Trip

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Last updated : Feb, 28-2020Comments : 0

The flight is in 3 hours and I haven’t done my packing yet! What am I going to do if my suitcase doesn’t fit all my stuff! I might need 4 extra outfits for a 2 - day trip!

One set of pants should be enough, it’s just a weekend getaway! If these are the thoughts that go through your mind while packing or you have heard your family members say these, you need to read ahead for useful and amazing packing hacks so that your trip can be as effortless as it could be. Suppose you go on a 2 - day weekend getaway to a beautiful hill station and take along only one set of pants (the ones you’re wearing). You are sitting in the car, listening to music, having food, getting hit by the lovely breeze while the car windows are rolled down and the driver hits the breaks all of a sudden and you spill the food on yourself. Now, not only your mood but your ONE pair of pants are ruined. This is an example of packing fail. Like packing too less isn’t advisable, packing too much is even worse.

Does packing involve thought?

Packing hacks are as important as the process of flight booking which needs to be done through trusted travel companies. There are a few types of items that one needs to include in their bag before they travel. Before that, check the flight baggage rules along with the flight fares. There are the items which you need that include the basic inner garments, clothing and toiletries; then there are items which are necessary for the purpose of travel that includes outfits for any occasions, formal attire for business, camera gear for shoots, kits for sporting events, etc.; then there are also items that make your travel a little easier and hassle-free like first aid kits, extra bags, emergency packs, torchlight, etc.; then the last type of items could be those items that you pack because “just in case” you might need them. Planning for all this and getting all the items in case the travel period is long needs you to start packing your bags at least a week before. A good travel company will give you all the correct and important information that you need to determine the things that you would need on your trip to make it an effortless one.

Effortless Packing Hacks for an Effortless Trip

  • 1. Packing your bags doesn’t mean putting things into it, it means that you need to pick the suitcase, list the things you need, then check if you have all those items at home and if not, get them. When planning a trip, one should also compare flights to get the best rates. This can be easily done with Mann Travel.
  • 2. Pack clothes that don’t require ironing or would not be spoilt when folded. When you put clothes into a confined space, the ironing is likely to get damaged. It gives you more space in your bag as the clothing items would be folded up.
  • 3. Categorize! Put your toiletries into one bag, your make up into another, your medicines into a box and your undergarments into a different section. Do not throw in all your items and get it mixed up with others. It not only creates a mess but also confuses you when you need to get a particular item out.
  • 4. Pack accordingly. Packing too much only increases your burden and doesn’t leave much space in your bag for the items you might purchase on your trip. Leave that dress that you might wear or the game that you might play at home. Packing well and a finding travel agency like Mann Travel are the two most important things for an effortless trip.
  • 5. Winter Hack. Wear that big & heavy jacket or tie it around your waist while travelling. This increases the space in your bag and also reduces the weight that could be helpful when travelling on flights. Always check the baggage weight limit when you book your air tickets.
  • Book with Mann Travel and get cheap flights for your trip. Pack well in advance and check with your travel agency for the best deals.
  • Have a safe and happy journey!
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