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Ideal Places to travel to relax

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Last updated : Feb, 28-2020Comments : 0

If your soul harmonizes with nature’s music, then you will dance on the song of life. Accomplishing a calm mind is an inner call, but traveling to certain places serves in conquering it. A calm mind, body, and soul is a definition of wellbeing achieved by overall physical, emotional, and mental satisfaction.With city errands and chores, take a break to treat yourself on a relaxing vacation. It will nurture the mind, body, and soul that will rejuvenate and rebalance your life. Meditation is one way to embrace the mind, body, and soul calmness. You can perceive harmony with yoga, meditation, or spa in a peaceful and serene environment. So, leave worries behind by going on a trip to focus on overall health. Go for a journey and reconnect with nature with these ideal places.


Big Sur

Relish yourself with a breathtaking sight of immersing Santa Lucia Mountain into the Pacific at a 90-mile long central California coastline sanctuary. And, to sync with nature's rhythm, practice yoga, and meditation at Esalen Institute. Organic food at this retreat nourishes you and contributes to your wellbeing.

Tassajara Zen Mountain Center

Present in the heart of the Ventana Mountains at the Los Padres National Forest, Buddhist monastery will pull off your stress and relieve you. To soothe yourself, you can opt for either hiking or Japanese style bathing. Likewise, you can retreat yourself at this monastery with several activities such as cooking, Zen meditation, yoga, or learn any new skills.


American Prairie Reserve

Delve into the rhythm of the animal sound of elk, mule deer, or bison by camping in a luxurious yurt. You can possess an adventurous trip with American-style safari at this reserve. Great plains are being revived to pristine Lewis and Clark conditions by the conservation associates. 


Taste the historic culture and relive your childhood activities, such as horseback riding, fly-fishing, treasure hunting, birding, and much more with this town. Unwind the endless scenic beauty and encourage yourself to try Cowboy Yoga. You can engross yourself with the local people in the outdoor yoga sessions. And, praise the town’s grace in the silent night.

New Mexico

Ghost Ranch

Painting on canvas is as soothing as meditation. If you are a painter too, visit this Ranch to witness scenic landscapes, surrounded by canyons and peaks like flat-topped Cerro Pedernal. Georgia O'Keeffe acknowledged the beauty of this place through his paintings in the early 30s. The appropriate place to connect with the art, you can revel in painting, pottery, photography, or silent meditation.

Ladder Ranch

Espouse the warmth of the sinking sun in the giant western sky at Ted Turner’s private ranch. This ranch has now mended into the new eco-conscious adventure sightseer point. To sink into the wild west, you will naturally breathe deeply with its scenery from high desert prairies to Gila Mountain wilderness.

South Africa

Sabi Sands

Nothing is better than a peaceful sleep. At Sabi sands, you can sleep with the essence of the universe in a rustic tent, or on an elevated star bed. The unfenced border between Sabi Sands and Kruger National Park gives you a pleasure to eye witness nature's big five, buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion, and rhinoceros.


Virginia coast reserve 

Ever heard of waves lullaby? Fled to one of 10 uninhabited barrier islands in Virginia, to listen to nature's music and unwind pleasure of watching thousands of beach-nesting shorebirds. 


Patagonia Park

Amuse your adventurer and attain mind calmness together. This park is an adventuresome place amidst the tranquil sound of the rushing water of the lakes. Unreveal the secret alpine lakes, and admire the scenic beauty by hiking down the trails. This park sits between General Carrera Lake and a range of unnamed, snow-capped peaks. Get yourself into the water sports adventure such as kayaking at Rio Baker, fly-fishing, etc. 


Kenauk Nature, Montebello, Quebec

All different ways of meditation count if you find peace. For some people, meditation denotes music, painting, or even fishing. It's the right place for you, if you too feel, fishing is a meditation. Breeze into clean northern air and relax in the cool at rustic, beam chalet.

Costa Rica

Cloudbridge Nature Reserve

Admire the nature at its best with reclusive Resplendent Quetzal, a beautiful, vibrantly colored bird at the tropical retreat on the highest mountains of Central America. Preserve nature's creation by planting trees and hike to relish the magnificent waterfall. 


Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Immerse yourself completely into the woods and pristine water in northern Minnesota. Gratify your ear in the night with the eerie call of a loon, the state bird with the warmth of the bonfire. Pitch a tent under white pines for calming experience for your eyes and ears. To cherish the pristine water sky an oar the entire day and touch its serenity.

British Columbia

Mountain Trek, Ainsworth Hot Springs

Regain life’s balance with early morning yoga at picturesque massive Kootenay Lake is an exceptional experience. Hug the harmony of mountain ranges in the high alpine trails and silently hike through fields of lupine and Indian paintbrush.



Walk on the path of gods to reach the calmness. A classical breathtaking hiking trail along the coastline and sound of rushing waves of the beach at the pastel village will unseal the comforting sense.



Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul calmness with a walk toward a spiritual path at the red-rock haven.  To explore the invisible ancestral energy, you can cover miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. 


Silver Island

This yoga island is the place for you to embrace an amalgam of disciplines with a stunning sea view. Arising out of the Aegean Sea, this yoga oasis is like a delightful angel from heaven.



A place where yoga was born, experience incredible India with a variety of southern landscapes from sandy Indian ocean beaches to the wild-elephant riddled Western Ghat mountain range. You can retreat yourself with the ayurvedic spa and pleasant stay at the boathouse in Alleppey.

Travel far and let nature do the wonders to your soul and mental composure. Apart from the above serene spots around the world, you can always uncover more places such as Trinidad in Cuba, Ilah Grande in Brazil, and many more. Throw away the stress and rejuvenate your life on the next trip.

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