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Flying While Pregnant: Rules by Airlines

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Last updated : Feb, 28-2020Comments : 1

An offspring is one of the most beautiful gifts one can receive. To bring a child into this world, one needs to take good care during pregnancy. Relaxation and leisure are as important as health, during gestation. Taking a small trip to a peaceful location might refresh one’s mind. But traveling during pregnancy can be a bit tricky which is why there are some set rules and steps one can take to make the travel smooth without any hassles. This is also necessary in times when one has to travel for work during pregnancy. Booking your tickets with a travel company can help you with a comfortable trip.

What do the Airlines say?

Flying while pregnant is considered risky and is said to be avoided. But, with the right steps and correct precautions, one can safely travel by air. Most of the airlines have rules against allowing pregnant flyers on board after the 36th or the 37th week. For some international flights, there are rules against flying after the 28th week. As the duration of the flight increases, so does the risk of any complication in pregnancy. This is done for the safety of the mother as well as the child. The reasons range from the dangers of the women giving a premature birth in the air to any complications that flying that late into a pregnancy might cause.

Book with a Travel Company

To fly during pregnancy, one needs to go through various steps that will allow a smooth journey without any hassles. There are many travel companies that will help you to choose the best seats on the flight so that you or your pregnant family member is comfortable for the duration of the journey. Mann Travel is a travel agency that provides you with the correct list of airplanes that matches your travel time with respective pregnancy travel rules.

Another rule by some of the airplanes is that the pregnant traveler has to get a doctor’s certificate that states that they are fit to travel and have been examined for the same. This is mostly in case of the due date being near to the date of flying. Doctors do not recommend traveling in the last four weeks of pregnancy when the woman has a history of premature births, pregnancy complications and/or other illnesses which could put her or the baby in further risk due to air travel. Mann Travel will help you to compare flights to choose the best airline to travel with during pregnancy. They will also provide you with information on any airlines that you wish to travel with and their policies on flying while pregnant.

Precautions to be taken!

There are certain precautions one should take before traveling during gestation, not only getting your doctor’s approval but also making sure you have health and travel insurance. Unfortunately, there can be risks and the management of such risks can be taken care of. Before taking a doctor’s approval, make sure they are made aware of any pre-existing conditions you might have, any previous birth or pregnancy complications and other medical histories. These are important for your doctor to determine if you are fit to travel by air.

Prepare for prenatal care at your destination. If the duration of the flight is long, you might require some health checkups after you have arrived at your destination. Make sure to get them as soon as you land to avoid any complications.

In case you feel any sort of discomfort or pain during the flight, let the cabin crew and the people traveling with you know about it. There might be a doctor on board who might help you in such situations. If you are prone to airsickness, motion sickness, morning sickness, etc., get on the flight with the necessary prescribed medication and methods like acupressure bands or nausea remedies. All airlines provide sickness bags as a part of your amenities kit. Do ask for extra ones in case you are feeling nauseous or you think you might get sick during the flight. The cabin crew is happy to help you and will take care of your requests.

Book your air tickets with Mann Travel to make sure you have a smooth journey and clear all your doubts about flying during pregnancy.

They provide you with all the details that you need so that you can choose the best option to make sure you fly healthy.

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